Thursday, 26. May, 2022


  • Climate regulation in greenhouses – 10 temperature zones,
  • Automation of irrigation systems,
  • Automation of green wall watering - NEW!,
  • Combination of automation of greenhouses and irrigation systems,
  • Remote control and system recording,
  • Alerting,
  • Remote control,
  • Analytic and graphic data recording,
  • Together with greenhouse manufacturers we make the whole project for facilities and equipment manufacture with “turn-key” solution,
  • Sale of individual components,
  • Manufacture of meteorological sets – meteorological stations – for automation of greenhouses.

Equipment for greenhouses

  • Climate and irrigation – FATEK controllers.

    Climate and irrigation – FATEK controllers
  • Simple controllers for one facility

  • Simple controllers for one facilitySimple controllers for one facility
  • Sensors
Relative air humidity sensorRelative air humidity sensor
Temperature sensors: Pt 100, 1000, NTCTemperature sensors: Pt 100, 1000, NTC
Sun energy and luminosity sensor (W/m2 + Lux)Sun energy and luminosity sensor (W/m2 + Lux)
Rain sensorRain sensor
THV/2K 2-channel wind speed sensorTHV/2K 2-channel wind speed sensor
TSV/3P wind direction sensorTSV/3P wind direction sensor

  • Ventilation motors
  • Ventilation motors Ventilation motors

  • Horticultural ventilators
  • Horticultural ventilators


  • Supply and installation of separate greenhouses of large dimensions (width up to 25 m) of the Finnish and Latvian producer.
  • Supply of greenhouses of all sizes of established manufacturers from Croatia, Latvia and Finland.
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