About the company

Avtomatika Gaspirc has been manufacturing greenhouse automation systems and irrigation automation systems since 1985. In the 1980s, irrigation systems were fairly non-existent in the market of the former Yugoslavia, which encouraged us to start manufacturing first drippers and sprayers on the Yugoslav market. Soon a need for the greenhouse automation system arose to which we were the first to respond.

We observed greenhouse automation systems were often operated by separate computers and that heating systems would operate at the same time as ventilation systems. This resulted in energy loss so we started looking for solutions to solve that problem.

Together with our partners we joined forces, knowledge and expertise, and started to manufacture greenhouse automation systems which provided a comprehensive regulation of greenhouse climate. Early on we also started developing irrigation automation systems, from scion rooting to complex irrigation automation systems.

Over the years we have developed knowledge and incorporated it into programs and products of our greenhouse automation systems. Our customers at home and abroad and their requirements were important drivers behind our development.

Avtomatika Gaspirc automation systems are supported by Fatek industrial programmable controllers, for which we are official distributer for Slovenia.

Our main goals and ambitions are to learn from and to acquire the latest know-how in the field of greenhouse horticulture to be able to provide you with the latest development on the market of the greenhouse automation and irrigation automation systems.

Our success encourages us to work harder and to continue developing ourselves. Avtomatika Gaspirc will continue listening to your requirements in horticulture and will continue acquiring knowledge and incorporating it in our systems to serve horticulture growers when and where most needed.


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